World of PopSockets

Those phone circle things.
Hundreds of millions of 'em around the world, adorning the devices of Gigi Hadid, Serena Williams, Prince Harry, and more. But before I joined the in-house team and started churning out content, nobody knew PopSockets was an actual brand.
project summary
My contribution
Prolific in-house creative stint building global brand for startup with 71,423.8% growth rate
National OOH
Social media
Employer brand
Creative development
Creative direction
Social strategy
Community mgmt.
UX writing
Video direction
Video editing
Many hats were worn to bring you this content.
I wrote, I designed, I photographed, I animated, I produced. I held weird things in awkward positions for long periods of time on set. I filled in when a director got food poisoning on shoot day. I even wrote a comic book for the legal team.

It’s hard enough to do this for one audience, but with aspirations to expand existing EMEA and LATAM markets and establish a foothold in APAC, we had to balance a lot of cantaloupes on our heads, in addition to all those hats.
Phoning it in? Nah.
We created a modular system to flex OOH, social, email, and web creative across the globe, while touting a portfolio of dozens of products and explaining why you might want a circle on your phone, anyways.
Socially adept.
This is a very small sample of the work we made, which helped PopSockets attract hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

It also helped PopSockets sell a lot of PopSockets. Which is more important than social media vanity. Allegedly.
ComplexCon but make it bouncy.
We teamed up with FriendsWithYou to make a totally unhinged bounce house for ComplexCon. It stole the show, giving us a chance to propagate our vibe among a key group of hypemakers.
A fishing lure for humans.
PopSockets tests tons of new iterations in the marketplace. They need new packages, and that means copy that explains these strange, novel things in compelling ways.

I worked very closely with the design team to develop naming standards and a bilingual didactic system. We made it happen on schedule and under budget, time after time.
Units sold in 75 countries
Increase in Instagram followers
In a year
Takashi Murakami
Liked our ComplexCon work
BRETT SHEA, Sonya ghori, john kieselhorst, jes voight
jonathan ker, molly schaaf, alex sheridan
angela kohler, majority
joe friend