I hired a professional to write this about me:
Fuck Henry Ford.*
As a copywriter, Brett’s spent a decade making what’s boring seem interesting.

Though he’s entirely capable of carrying on in this manner—some might say it’s in his wheelhouse—Brett wants you to know that what he really wants is to help make things that already are interesting seem otherworldly, life-altering, or perhaps most scandalously, perfectly and attainably mundane.

It is, Brett’s sources say, what’s next.
*What kind of Associate Creative Director/Copywriter starts their portfolio with an affront to the father of modern industry? The kind who doesn’t fit into that whole outmoded specialization of labor scheme, that's what.

The more I learn how to do, the more I love my job. Sure, it’s a challenge to categorize a writer who can also direct film, kern type, and design and build websites like this one.

But that’s not my problem, it’s yours. And, if you want, I can solve it and all the other problems you’ve got.

So if you have to put me in a box, make sure it’s a midcentury modern glass cube with lots of like Eames chairs and stuff. Also bring ice cream sandwiches. The bougie kind. Because that’s my vibe.
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A note about this website
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After spending the better part of a decade writing copy that goes into other people's designs, I wanted to design something all by myself.

So I learned how to use Figma and Webflow and built this site from scratch. I also read a lot of books.

It was good nerdy fun. I learned to put my big boy pants on and I can do internet stuff good now. Even so, I'm no web designer. Making videos and wacky social media stuff is my happy place.

So let's do it and win all those silly awards and then I can list them here. We'll make people jealous. They'll hate us & love us at the same time because we're famous.

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