Animated city emerges and disappears. It looks like New York.
All are welcome here.
Fuck Henry Ford.*
And that's how it should be, everywhere. See, my aim is to work from a place of universal benevolence, just like those inspiring doctors you always read about, all volunteering their time in far-off places, helping people in need.

Sadly, as an Associate Creative Director/Copywriter, what I know how to do is to build brands, and that's not very medically useful. In fact, I found out the hard way that three out of three people do not want me operating on them.

Which means, all those brands I help build? They better be fun. Because if you're in an ambulance (heaven forbid) and you see a billboard on the way to the ER, it's a kinder world where that billboard gives you and those heroic paramedics a moment of levity.

"Good thing we drove past that funny billboard, Tom. Ferret's still latched pretty good, but yeah, doesn't hurt so much."

See? Brands can make a big difference, everyday. Hope you enjoy my site!
*What kind of Associate Creative Director/Copywriter starts their portfolio with an affront to the father of modern industry? The kind who doesn’t fit into that whole outmoded specialization of labor scheme, that's what.

The more I learn how to do, the more I love my job. Sure, it’s a challenge to categorize a writer who can also direct film, kern type, and design and build websites like this one.

But that’s not my problem, it’s yours. And, if you want, I can solve it and all the other problems you’ve got.

So if you have to put me in a box, make sure it’s a midcentury modern glass cube with lots of like Eames chairs and stuff. Also bring ice cream sandwiches. The bougie kind. Because that’s my vibe.